Richard Jackson

Me, My Camera and Eye
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Hey, I have an amazing camera (three in fact!) and loads and loads of really cool stuff that I can stick on it, like lenses, flashes and other great stuff. And I have these really cool pieces of software too! How amazing is that!


Seriously, you think that stuff above takes the shots? They're just tools that anyone can buy and look like they're a photographer. The difference is the years of training and experience. Knowledge on how to set up the camera, the lights, and the environment. How to recognise and take the right shot.


I've been a photographer for too many years to mention and honed my retouching skills carrying out over a thousand restorations. I also managed one of the UK's largest photography studios for a while (before working for myself).

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Tel: 07490 801407

Poynton and Congleton, Cheshire, UK