I've had a camera round my neck or in my pocket since childhood, and learnt my craft the hard way - by shooting everything and figuring out how to do it right, then getting trained by a few leading photographers, not to mention a little help from Canon and Adobe.

Before setting up my first studio in Macclesfield, I managed one of the UK's largest commercial studios in Leeds. Here I worked with some amazing photographers, shooting products and fashion. Like all studio based photographers, whenever I got out into the sunshine a passion for landscape photography kept me busy.

As for my weddings and portraits, I've always said that my favourite subject is people; everyone is different, so every shoot is different. I like to make people feel comfortable, to get to know them, to allow their personality to shine through in the photographs that I take.

When I'm not photographing, simple pleasures take over, such as walking our dog (I can often be seen around Poynton during the day), spending time with my family, gardening, catching up with what's new in the photography world, watching films and drinking some rather nice wine.