Back from Jollies!

25th July 2015
This week saw me return to the studio after a fortnights break, shooting in the south of England and having a holiday there too.

It was a most relaxing time, staying in a converted chapel (it was like something out of Grand Designs!) in the middle of the countryside - peace and quiet!

We managed to travel pretty much across the whole of the south west, taking in the New Forest across to Padstow and pretty much everywhere in between! Cheddar Gorge, Wells, Salcombe, Brixham, Dartmouth, Lyme Regis, Durdle Door... the list is too long! Five counties in all. We have a very beautiful country here, you have to see it!

Since getting back it's been a busy week of restorations, slide archiving, portrait session processing, portrait print organising, wedding bookings, portrait bookings and lots of passport pics - pretty much everything in one week!

Next week I'll be in and out of the studio, with the wedding on Monday of the very laid back and relaxed couple, Suky and Joe, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed the weather men are wrong with their prediction of rain, as they've chosen a couple of wonderful locations, including Peruga for the reception - we all want to be in those gorgeous gardens!

I'll also be out on Wednesday for a shoot, but other than that - back to business as usual! Oh, and look out for my next blog, which will be talking about a special offer for students off to University or College!

Here are a couple of our neighbours where we stayed...