Change to Law regarding public space photography

04th July 2015
***Update*** - the EU voted against implementing these laws - so we won! Very good news indeed!

Important - the EU are looking to change the law on the use of photographs taken in public places, meaning that permission would always have to be sort from the architect/artist prior to use (and that includes holiday snaps you take and post to Facebook, not just the work I do). If this goes ahead, it will have a disastrous affect on my business, together with all other photographers, as it will not only impact on my gallery, but weddings too that feature any building or statue or anything that is not within the grounds of the private estate where the wedding is taking place. I have signed the petition to try and stop this, and ask for your help by signing it too. Thank you.

More details can be found here: Ephotozine

The petition can be found here: