Fixing History

They say memories fade, just like old photographs. Why should that be the case? Photographs have a way of reviving memories - looking at a photograph can bring back old memories, of the moment the photograph was taken or of the person in the photo.


So if we can revive the photograph, we can revive the memory. And this is what I do on a weekly basis, restoring old photographs. They may be faded, they may be damaged, they may even be missing bits - no matter, I hand retouch every photograph - no magic button as far as I'm concerned, I do it the old-fashioned way, just using modern technology to help!


I start every restoration by scanning the original. I use a professional grade scanner and adjust the settings to match each and every original. The next steps chop and change depending on the work required. Usually, I start by removing any discolouration, then remove the smaller imperfections - the small scratches and blotches that shouldn't be there. I do this with some care so as not to remove anything that should be there, and to respect the qualities of the original image, such as film grain. The next step is to remove any larger cuts and tears, often hand-drawing to re-create the missing elements. The final step is to ensure the photograph is the correct colour for the medium and period, which I do in consultation with the owner of the photograph so it matches their expectations.


As can be seen in the image below, I start with something old and battered and make it look as good as it did when new.


If you have a photograph that has seen better days and you'd like to see it restored to its original glory, why not drop me a line below or pop into Lozziwoo in Poynton any Friday.