New Name, New Website, Improved Service!

01st April 2015
When I first opened my portrait studio and gallery in Poynton in 2013, it went under the name of Lozziwoo Too. Lozziwoo is the name of my wife's shop; a well established and trusted brand in the village of Poynton in Cheshire. Over the next year, as my business became more established and I started to become known in my own right, I introduced the trading name of Richard Jackson Photography into my social media pages and within the studio itself. Now, 18 months after first opening my door, I have taken the plunge to promote myself and my business as Richard Jackson Photography, dropping the Lozziwoo Too name in the process. (The original Lozziwoo is remaining unchanged.)

To go with the new name I have a new identity and this new website. The new logo personifies my philosophy - an old school approach with a modern feel; and it's all about the photography! Over the coming month I will be highlighting the improvements this new website offers as an extension to my existing services - so stay tuned!