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Poynton and Congleton, Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Photo Restoration

They say memories fade, just like old photographs. Why should that be the case? Photographs have a way of reviving memories, of the moment or the person. Let me help by restoring the photograph.


I start every restoration by scanning the original. I use a professional grade scanner and adjust the settings to match each and every original, even if I'm able to batch scan, the setting up is unique to each one. I can scan prints, negatives, slides, transparancies (5x4 and 10x8), magic lantern slides etc from the very, very small to the very large.


Every restoration is done by hand - I avoid the use of auto settings and 'magic button' solutions - using a digital pen on a graphics tablet in the digital domain. Wherever possible, the final print is produced on the modern equivalent of the original.

If you have a photograph you'd like restoring, no matter how old (or new!), drop me a line using the form at the bottom of this page or drop in to see me any Friday at Lozziwoo in Poynton.