Pine Bedroom Furniture Shoot

28th August 2015
Hi photo fans. A couple of weeks ago I photographed a number of bedroom furniture pieces for a local company, currently called Cheshire Pine but changing their name to Vanilla Furniture.

Denis had approached me a few weeks back into my availability and asked for a quote. As usual, the final brief was larger than the original amount of work, and with less time! But no matter, a challenge is good to keep you fresh!

The original brief was for one room set with detail shots of about 4 products. The final brief was 4 room sets and 8 pieces of furniture, all shot in the room sets and separately and with detail shots - and all to be shot in one day! Fortunately the room sets were adaptations of the same set, and Denis was on hand to help move the furniture around.

As you can see in the examples below, my little studio here in Poynton can be turned from a portrait studio to a bedroom quite easily! The set layout, propping, styling, lighting and photography were all done by me - around 100 shots in all selected and processed by me the following week.

Denis was very happy with the results, and we're looking forward to working together again on some more pieces.