Playteachers Photography

09th June 2015
Welcome to my latest blog. Last week, in amongst some amazing restoration projects (more on the next blog) I was busy photographing Playteachers products.

Playteachers is a Poynton business that produces games for sale via its own website, as well as ebay and Amazon. With recent updates to their product line, Frazer, the company owner, decided it was time for some new photography and approached me a little over a week ago to see if I could help. With a background in product photography I was only too happy to help, and with a budget agreed the shoot went ahead last Thursday, with processing scheduled for Friday and Saturday (to fit in with existing commitments).

My approach was to photograph it slightly differently to the existing style. The existing shots had products overlapping one another, even when only a couple were on show. I felt this prevented the customer from seeing exactly what was for sale. Experience shows that being able to clearly see a product online does help sales, and keeps customers happy after the sale - they can clearly see what they are buying! Another slight change was to keep a much straighter, neater feel to the group shots. Rather than place the products close to one another at different angles, I kept the angles consistent wherever possible - again this clean approach will help customers see exactly what is on offer for sale. The final change was to have a nice, crisp white background, rather than off-white, with a gentle, natural shadow created in-shot, so the products stand out when viewed online.

At the time of writing the new shots aren't yet up, though I know Frazer won't waste any time getting them up as he was happy with the results, so here's a little taster of some of the shots I produced for him.