Poynton Pine Kitchens - New Display

22nd October 2015
Hi All, after a very successful shoot at Poynton Pine's showroom earlier this year, with the resulting photos helping to increase their sales, I was asked back to photograph their latest kitchen display.

Photographing a kitchen in-situ as opposed to in a roomset in a studio throws up a great deal of additional challenges, mainly the more restricted area in which to work. This new kitchen was no exception, being built into a space to more closely resemble someone's house, with enclosing walls on all four sides and a large window looking out into part of the workshop.

Lighting pays a key part in creating a high-value photograph, and here the brief was to use the window as if it was a window looking out into the garden. With careful use of lighting in the workshop and in the kitchen, together with some carefully selected props to style the kitchen, the next challenge was how to shoot it to get it all in. With a special tripod set up I was half standing on the floor, half on a worktop!

The final element is the processing. With careful consideration of highlights and shadows and ensuring the verticals are natural and not skewed (as happens when shooting close up with a wide angle lens) the final touch was introducing a scene in the window, carefully masking round the items on the windowsill. In some shots this also included adding in a reflection in the glass cabinet!

I hope you like the results!