Price Update

13th June 2015
For a few months now I've been absorbing a couple of price rises from my suppliers of materials, but with more now having taken effect I've had to change my prices I'm afraid :(

The prices for sessions and bookings remain unchanged from last week (so my time hasn't changed!), but prices for prints, framed prints and canvases have had to go up, due to the increases. Price increases vary across items and sizes, but for the most popular print sizes the increase starts at just £1, so not too much to worry about!

The price increases take effect immediately and will appear with your wedding or portrait session photographs. The online wall art purchase screen will be made available this coming week - I've held off making this live until I knew all the price changes.

If you visit my gallery in Poynton, the photographs in there for sale are being held at the old prices, and will only show the new prices when replaced or if you order a new one.