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Training Courses


Welcome to Richard Jackson Photography Training Courses. From 2013 to 2017 I ran these courses from my studio in Poynton as either group or one-to-one sessions. The most popular course I ran was the 'Introduction to Photography', subtitled 'How come my photographs don't turn out like I think they should?' This particular course as a group session was always sold out. Although I no longer run courses from the studio they are now available here as an online course.


Unlike a lot of online courses, these are fully interactive - I am here to assess your work and provide feedback, advice, and tips to help you attain a greater understanding and mastering of photography.


The courses are designed for those who are new to photography and those who have been doing it for some time and wish to improve. So many of those who attended my courses have said the same thing - they have bought books and magazines, but it doesn't always make sense or sink in, and they feel a little frustrated. My courses are designed to be simple to understand and learn from, whilst at the same time providing you the skills you're after. The only criteria for the courses are a willing to learn, a love of photography and that your camera is capable of being put into PASM modes (or manufacturer equivalent, Canon for example are slightly different) and not just auto modes. There should be a dial on your camera with these initials on.


Below you will see a list of Modules - simply select the one that best suits what you wish to learn. Each module represents a module from the original course, but with a number of improvements and additions. If you're quite new to photography and wish to learn several modules, I've grouped the most popular ones, Modules 1 to 5, into one course at a discounted price. This is the equivalent of the main course I used to run as I've mentioned above. More advanced Modules will follow.

How it Works

In beta testing - not yet live so please do not purchase. If you are interested in purchasing one of my online courses, please contact me via the box in the footer and I will let you know when the courses are live.

When you pay for a Module you will be given access to a locked page (accessed via a drop-down menu from the Training Courses menu tab) that has on it the course material for that Module. You can either view the course material online or download it to read offline or even print it out. During the check-out process you'll be able to create a Member profile, which you can access via the Member login bar from any page. Every Member will be approved first before gaining access (in case the course is a gift for someone else!). Once you are a Member you can access the pages where you interact with me.


Every Module covers a variety of topics based on the Module title - some are more involved than others! Throughout each Module are a number of assignments for you to do. When you complete an assignment you upload the photographs from your Member Assignment Submit page, where I view them and critique them for you. The feedback I provide is similar to a tutor at school or college, letting you know what's good and what's not so good, providing advice on areas to work on and tips on how to improve - individually tailored to you.


You can carry out each assignment more than once and keep uploading them for the duration of the course until we both feel you've nailed it and are ready to move on.


If you have any questions about the course material, for example, if you're not sure about something, from your Member's area you can submit any questions you have and receive a personal reply.

Why Choose a Richard Jackson Photography Training Course?
  • Compared to night-school at college or studio lessons which are fixed to a Module/lesson per week/fortnight/month, with my online courses you can take as little or as much time per Module/lesson (within the generous time allowed), allowing you to learn and move on at your pace, providing the opportunity to practice it over and over again until you are comfortable that you really understand the topics covered.

  • You can redo a whole Module if you wish, and if you've paid for more than one you can also go back to a previous Module if you wish.

  • With group lessons, such as at night-school, the tutor can only give a small amount of time to each student's needs and assignments, as each lesson is only so long, but online I can spend as long as is required.

  • You study at your own pace - each individual Module has up to 6 months for you to complete it in, with the combined Module option up to 12 months to complete the whole course - that's over 2 months per Module if you need it!

  • With group lessons, there is always a mix of abilities, online that is never the case so you'll always get feedback and assistance tailored to your ability.

  • If any course material gets updated within 12 months of you joining you'll receive an updated document for free!

How to buy as a Gift

If you wish to purchase a Module on behalf of someone else, such as a gift for a birthday or Christmas, the system doesn't currently accept a gift voucher as payment, however it is possible to buy one and I can manually apply it, simply follow these steps:


  1. Select which Module you would like to purchase and purchase it as if for yourself, filling in all the relevant information - it is important at this point to use your own email address and details as a confirmation is automatically sent. Don't select the option to save your card details - complete the transaction as a single purchase.

  2. Once all is set-up and paid for, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inform me that you have purchased a module as a gift. Include in the message box the name of the person the gift is for together with their email address and when you will be giving them the gift voucher.

  3. You will then receive a gift voucher via an email from me (so please make sure my email address is added to your safe contacts list) for you to email or print out to give to them.

  4. The gift voucher will give instructions to the receiver on how to use their gift voucher to start the course. Once they follow the instructions the Module Membership details change from you to them, providing them with all the course benefits.