Wedding Photography Disc Presentation

02nd May 2015
When you book Richard Jackson Photography you can rest assured of the quality of service you will receive. Some wedding photographers may class themselves and the service they provide is of a luxury standard, but what is their benchmark for the term 'luxury'?

Here at Richard Jackson Photography we don't band the word luxury about as a label to hang ourselves from; we say the service we provide is to the highest possible standard, and that I, Richard, quality control that service throughout.

An example of the level of service we provide that is one of our benchmarks is how the disc of photographs is presented to the wedding couple upon completion. I've seen a great deal of discs provided by other photographers providing a so-called luxury service that are in clear trays with hand-written details on. We do things differently, as can be seen in the photographs below of a recently completed wedding. And this is how we present our discs for all weddings, irrespective of the chosen package.